By combining a design studio and a fabrication/construction team under one roof, we offer clients a single point of contact for both the design and construction phases of their project.  From concept to creation, we work to create thoughtfully designed and carefully executed projects tailored to each individual client. 

We chose the name Fabrica (a Spanish word meaning workshop, craft, skillful production or a building under construction) because it neatly summarized our services into one word.  


At the beginning of each project, we utilize various drafting and modeling tools to develop a design concept based on each client's desires and budget. 

Our design philosophy is heavily focused on craft and customization.  We aim to create cohesive environments that showcase carefully executed details, quality materials and inventive solutions to design obstacles. 


We manage every aspect of each project - from estimation and pre-construction to design, schematics, subcontracting, construction and post-construction. This early collaboration between the designer and contractor speeds the delivery of each project and ensures a sound design, a well-defined budget and a streamlined schedule. 

Metal Fabrication

Whether you need custom steel bracketry, business signage or a bespoke architectural element, we can fabricate specific projects in house. Our clients and projects come to us from a diverse array of industries, whose applications and products include sheet metal, complex assemblies, staircases, hand railings, gates, furniture, and much more.

Cabinetry & Furniture

From built-in desks to full kitchen cabinetry, we can help you create case-work that is more integrated than other systems and built to last. We work closely with the client to develop components that are unique - such as pull out spice drawers, integrated lighting and hidden electrical components. 

Whether you are looking for a custom furniture piece designed around a chunk of precious hardwood or you like one of our existing furniture designs, we are happy to help you create a functional object that integrates with your unique style.