Fabrica began in 2013 when Kiowa Sibley-Cutforth and Greg Bow realized the value of their collaboration after gutting and rebuilding a 1950's era Cadillac dealership (which later became their living space, shops and design studio). Kiowa brought her design knowledge to the partnership, and Greg his skill as a fabricator and carpenter. By combining a design studio, a fabrication workshop and a contracting team under one roof, they offer a wide range of services unmatched in the Big Bend region.

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Greg Bow

Partner, Project Manager

Part cowboy, blacksmith, mechanic, electritian, heavy machine operator and solar engineer, Greg brings a high level of technical skill to Fabrica. He holds the deep secrets of our CNC Plasma, pulls double duty as a wood craftsman, and is the man to talk to in the metal shop. Greg gets excited about hands-on, learning by doing and sees fabrication as a process of constant improvement. Outside of work, Greg has a full time hobby of restoring classic cars and rebuilding engines - ask him about his 1955 Cadillac or 1954 Chevy - and you can't miss him cruising around town in his Willys Jeep.

Kiowa Sibley-cutforth

Partner, Director of Design

After receiving a degree in architecture and working in design studios abroad and in Texas, Kiowa returned to Alpine where she could take on construction projects first hand. In addition to her role as designer, Kiowa also manages the company business, marketing and accounting. Kiowa is part of every project from start to finish, from design-development to on-site construction. She touches every aspect of the business, and as an owner, she wouldn't have it any other way.

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Each of our three full-time employees represents the spirit of our company: driven, committed, and eager to learn. We go to great lengths to identify self-starters with diverse experience and skill sets to produce not just an effective workforce, but a well-rounded, talented and complementary group